Jamil Naqsh - An Homage to the Ethereal Beauty

Opening Reception: 
19 Apr 2018
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Tanzara Gallery

Tanzara Gallery takes great pleasure in presenting once again the works of one of Pakistan’s most respected artists Jamil Naqsh.
Naqsh, an artist of eminent stature needs no introduction and holds a key position in a still expanding art world. He is the best known contemporary artist from Pakistan, long famous in his own country, and also well-established internationally.
Described and acclaimed as a “Painter’s Painter, Naqsh has worked with various artistic themes. However it is his favorite one of woman and pigeons that he has explored and reinvented in myriad new ways
This exhibition titled “An Homage to the Ethereal Beauty” offers a unique collection of incredibly beautiful paintings that reverberate messages of love, hope, peace and tranquility. The sensitivity with which he executes these canvases is unmatched. His muted palate, in warm sepia tones gives impressions of aged works on paper. These life size canvases have an extraordinary quasi sculptural quality that they almost seem to invite one to touch them. He renders them with great dexterity and possesses that exceptional inherent sensitivity in the power of his strokes - Beautiful isolated females accompanied by pigeons are portrayed as icons that speak the communality of universal human sentiments – a collective language that crosses all barriers and offers the viewer a glimpse of the familiar, the domestic and the soothing.
In keeping with its tradition of offering quality art to its patrons, Tanzara brings this prestigious exhibition to give art lovers an opportunity to view the magic of Jamil Naqshs’ masterpieces.